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The Conversation

I started writing for The Conversation in 2015 and it’s been a lot of fun…! Many of my articles were published and republished globally, and it has been fascinating to watch their trajectory across the analytic landscape. The Conversation only publishes articles from academics; but for the time being I have ‘retired’ from academia to pursue other avenues! So, no more Conversating for me.

However, you can still read my articles should you feel the urge. What was interesting for me was that the articles that gained most traction with readers – gaining many tens of thousands of views – were those related to issues of race and identity. The most popular one of all was my piece about Lil Kim, with my review of Get Out not far behind. Between them these two alone garnered nearly 200,000 readers.

There’s definitely a good deal more to say on the topic of race and identity, and right now I’m biding my time before moving forward with any of that. But in the meantime, I’d be delighted if you wanted to read any of my back catalogue – a few of my favourites are added here…

Janelle Monae’s Vagina Trousers: Why Pink is the new Black

Get Out: Why Racism really is terrifying

Fed up with Fifty Shades? Read Story of O instead

Lil Kim and the Unbearable Whiteness of BeingĀ 

The one I probably had most fun writing was this one about Leicester City. I know nothing about football so was caught in the headlights for a moment or two when asked by the editors to write on this topic – but I like a challenge and think I pulled it off…!

Fairy Tale expert: Leicester City win really was magical

Writing that article almost made me interested in football.


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