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School for Stories! Courses coming Soon

Storytelling is one of our contemporary obsessions. Whether it’s Bernadette Jiwa talking about effective business branding as storytelling, or the trend for Instagram Stories, as humans we remain compelled by the idea of storytelling. Because at the heart of every great story is a transformation.

Like every child I loved stories. I have always loved books and was an early reader – much to my mother’s dismay. At a very tender age I eschewed her attempts to read me stories, preferring to read my own; I found her reading style overdramatic.

… at the heart of every great story is a transformation.

Then, somewhere down the line this turned into a fascination for fairy tales. I recognised their patterns everywhere; I saw Bluebeard in every film, Cinderella in every shop window; Rapunzel in every lettuce leaf.

For twenty years I have worked with stories; as a writer, an academic, storyteller and storycatcher. My PhD thesis on Bluebeard led to a book collaboration with the well-known art historian Griselda Pollock. In 2015 I launched a regular true storytelling event in Bristol, and more recently have entered prisons to collect the stories of inmates.

Now I’m taking what I’ve learned to a broader audience.

The School for Stories is designed to help anyone dig deeper into the world of stories; whether that’s telling your own personal story, your brand story, or seeing how story archetypes are working for you. The School for Stories isn’t open yet (sorry) but if you’d be interested in taking a course with the School for Stories, just watch this space; add your name to my mailing list or drop me a line and I’ll update you with all the early bird info and prices.

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