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Little Mule Media

It’s a mule! With great excitement I am delighted to announce the happy birth of my new company, Little Mule Media. Website and more news to follow. Stay tuned, hinnies.

Journalism with roses


Supplementary to teaching journalism, media and cultural studies (most recently at Cardiff University) I’ve been published in The Guardian, The Independent and Newsweek. I have been a columnist at both The Big Issue and The Conversation online, where I have a global readership in excess of 330,000. Before relocating to Wiltshire early in 2018, I also […]

Under construction: me without books

If you happened upon my website at any point in the last year or so, I must apologise. For the longest time my website was shown as being ‘under construction’. For a time, it completely disappeared. Well, it wasn’t so much the website that was under construction as me… I was the one who was […]

The Conversation

The Conversation

I started writing for The Conversation in 2015 and it’s been a lot of fun…! Many of my articles were published and republished globally, and it has been fascinating to watch their trajectory across the analytic landscape. The Conversation only publishes articles from academics; but for the time being I have ‘retired’ from academia to […]


Wings: a project about prisons with Wallis Eates

In 2017 Wallis Eates and I spent several months working on storytelling projects in HMP Wandsworth. The experience was rich, intense, frequently mind-boggling but ultimately inspiring; the men we worked with were so talented, open, creative, and honest, that we were blown away by them and their work. While at Wandsworth we were made very […]

Narrowboat Therapy

Narrowboat Therapy

Narrowboat Therapy is a website all about living on a narrowboat. In fact, it’s the world’s BEST website all about living on a narrowboat. Okay, okay. Narrowboat Therapy is MY website all about living on a narrowboat (which also makes it the best). It’s still very new (as of August 2018), but I would love […]

The Blackstory

The Blackstory

Ohh… this rather atmospheric image signifies another thing that isn’t quite a thing yet. But do stay tuned because this thing is going to be radically rad.

The School for Stories

School for Stories! Courses coming Soon

Storytelling is one of our contemporary obsessions. Whether it’s Bernadette Jiwa talking about effective business branding as storytelling, or the trend for Instagram Stories, as humans we remain compelled by the idea of storytelling. Because at the heart of every great story is a transformation. Like every child I loved stories. I have always loved […]

Stretch: stepping down and next steps

Since early 2017 I have been thrilled to serve as the Chairperson of Stretch, a charity headed by Carlotta Allum. Stretch is dedicated to facilitating arts provision – especially storytelling – to people within the criminal justice system as well as others who find themselves on the margins of society. For a number of reasons I’ve […]